*  Classification and function of internal lubricant for plastic
Classification of internal lubricant for PVC

PVC manufacture and efficacy of lubricantefficac
Problems in manufacture:
  • High viscosity of molten polymer, low fluidity
  • High friction heat result in the decompose of resin
  • Adhesion between molten polymer and equipment

Efficacy of lubricant:
  • Reducing the viscosity of molten polymer, increasing fluidity
  • Reducing the formation of friction heat
  • Reducing the friction and adhesion between molten polymer and the surface of metal
*  Glossy seamless paper tube
High-tech glossy seamless electronic paper tube enjoys patents in Taiwan, has been used in high-tech
computer IC copper and glass fiber on electronic substrates; it is the new material that is indispensable
for high-tech industry. This new material must be clear and seamless smooth surface in order to produce
in a clean room for high-tech IC electronic purposes, and is the latest material development.
《Seamless paper tube manufacture process》

We provide high performance wax emulsion LB-229 for High-tech glossy seamless electronic paper tube
manufacture. It provides lubricity in hot polishing process to protect paper tube from damage.
It will not result in vibration and loud noise.
*  Application of multifunctional comb-type pigment dispersant
Dispersing efficacy test: Take water based white slurry application for example
(1) Dispersingconditions
     Materials: Calcium carbonate, Titanium dioxide
    Solvent: water
    Dispersant: DIS-980N
    Antifoam: DF-288P

    Proportion and mixing order

    Water                                                      29.4
    DIS-980N                                                  0.5
    DF-288P                                                   0.1
   Titanium dioxide (or Calcium carbonate)       70
Water, dispersant, defoamer→mixing→Materials →mixing →Thixotropic thickeners

(2) Results: 70% white slurry

          Traditional dispersant              Multifunctional comb-type pigment dispersant
                                                                            like DIS-980N

DIS-980N is a good dispersant for pigments. It can improve the floating of color, and makes the paint brilliant.
*  Non-woven fabric manufacturing process
*  Paper Manufacture Process and Its Additives
*  Process of Polyester Fabric Manufacture and The Use Occasions of Finishing Agent
〈Process of Polyester Fabric Manufacture〉

〈The Use Occasions of Finishing Agent〉
Fiber Chip→Melting→Nozzle→Roller→Add Finishing Agent→Tensile

LYSTEX SOP-52M: Spinngin finish oil for PET from LYSURF 
Have excellent anti-static, adhesion, lubricant, and oil lubrication rate.


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